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Not Safe For Work

Acetone depletion and Angry bird Falcon

So this morning, I un-velcroed my ass from bed and went to work. I wore my trusty no-slip (except on mossy underwater rocks and bad footing, therefore it’s your own damn fault for being clumsy) Sandugo sandals, since slipping off a sidewalk onto the path of a moving vehicle is not a good way to die. I was sitting inside the shuttle on my way to work, and a girl was looking in the general direction of my toes.

I realized belatedly that a few weeks back, I was bored enough to do an activity I do once a year. I had cleaned my toenails. Now before you lecture me about the importance of good hygiene: I clean my toenails regularly, thank you very much, but not with the complete ensemble of a pusher, a nipper, a nail file, a nail cutter, and subsequent pink chemicals. Yes, I do it once a year. Yes, I do live like a college dude. Don’t look at me like that.

So anyway, that couple of weeks ago, something came over me that made me decide to give them a coat of clear polish just for the heck of it. “Just for the heck of it” means that I intended to paint them then rediscover the amazing properties of acetone. The problem was, once my nails had dried, I found that the acetone bottle was empty. This was quite a problem, since I’m sure 8-year olds can do better jobs at painting their nails than I can. 

I sat inside the shuttle, quite damp, a little crabby for having to come in for work when I could’ve just stayed in bed with my migraine, and with my painted toe nails out for all the world to see. It’s good that I sometimes have the self-confidence of a rock star (i.e. matigas mukha ko). 

On a related note (related to why my toes are exposed for the entire world to see anyway), the Falcon has not landed, but it’s been pissing at us from a distance. The typhoon Falcon (Meari) had merged with a tropical depression and dumped its woes upon us. As my friend Eya commented, “Angry bird Falcon is the angriest angry bird ever.” It’s still raining small animals outside, and as I write this I think about investing on a rubber boat.

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